"Die Kraft der Szenarien" has undergone its final adjustments…despite a few minor mistakes I forgot to correct while mastering, this album has become Horn`s most intense work. A rather dominant change has been made as the lyrical components became less significant than the music itself…the aim was, in contrast to the "Jahreszeiten" where the texts meant a lot to me, to let the music more or less "speak for itself". Nevertheless, the lyrics are stated in the booklet, for I believe they still are way better in structure and form than those of the previous works .
Speaking of which, the booklet includes, next to the lyrics, a quite magnificent imagery… complementary to the words, each picture was taken in the places and scenarios I associate with the respective theme of each song.
As probably noticed, the album's sound itself was improved as well. This is due to the drums which were recorded in studio for the first time. The quality is still not the best, but I am satisfied with the result. This did not use to be the case as there exists another version of the album which differs not only in sound but also in riffing. There will probably be a few of the old songs included as additional material on the next album.

Those of you who were taken with the "Jahreszeiten" will most likely enjoy "Die Kraft der Szenarien" as it displays similar structures, but in a more intense way (as mentioned above).

I am working on new material at present. And as one grows with time, I can state that the new album will "suffer" a slight change in both ideology and music…in particular: Black Metal…less folk-riffings, darker themes and faster drumming…

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